We've had the pleasure of using WALK THIS WAY's walking services since Chelsea (our Vizsla) was a brand new pup. What other pet service companies consider high-quality service I feel doesn't even reach WALK THIS WAY's minimum standards. Sure, they're always on time for their walks and they always leave detailed (and often entertaining!) notes of their visits. The walkers are professional and courteous, and the company's fees are competitive. While this was all I expected from my dog walking service, and I very much appreciated it, WALK THIS WAY has consistently gone much beyond that. They have on several occasions helped my husband and me out of a bind by doing a last-minute walk when we're both held up at work or a last-minute house-sitting visit when we've had to go out of town unexpectedly. But what makes WALK THIS WAY an extraordinary company is the genuine love that each of its walkers has for our pets. Chelsea, who is now almost two years old, is a wonderfully trained, loving, sweetheart of a Vizsla, and I truly believe that it is in no small part due to the consistent care, love, and yes - even training - that WALK THIS WAY has given to her. I'd highly recommend them to anyone with any pet service needs!

Sonal D
Oak Park, IL


Before we knew Don Weigand and WALK THIS WAY, it was very difficult to meet the needs of our new puppy, Yogi. Yogi is a 137-pound Newfoundland and previous attempts at securing not only a strong but knowledgeable dog walker was all but impossible. That's only half the equation as our other dog is a small, gentle spaniel who was having a hard time adjusting to Yogi and to being walked with something more like a horse.

I talked with Don at the dog park and it was clear he knew most of the dogs present and had a natural and educated knowledge of dog behavior. I was relieved to have found the right person but worried that perhaps WALK THIS WAY was too good to be true. The truth is, Don's services have been wonderfully reliable, professional, and have given us peace of mind and happy dogs. Don is completely able to handle both dogs and has given me several helpful pieces of advice regarding behavior and energy issues related to the giant breeds. Don and his colleague even checked up on Yogi when he was at a doggie day care facility in an effort to further understand him and his interactions with other dogs.

Friends of ours who also have a Newfoundland and previously had rejected having any dog walkers have changed their minds after seeing how happy we are with Don and now they are also very satisfied customers.

In addition to being a "dog person" Don is an excellent communicator with humans! Whatever concern or question I am having about the dogs, Don goes out of his way to consider what might help. Don shows true concern and enjoyment in dealing with our two very different dogs. I so appreciate Don's flexibility as my work week is often erratic. I love reading his notes after each walk and I feel much more connected to the dogs as opposed to worrying about what might have happened in my absence!

My daughter who was home sick from school said, "Mom, Don and Tina were talking so sweet to Snuggles, and they were gone a long time on their walk." WALK THIS WAY is much more reasonable than the other price gouging services in Oak Park and yet the service is way beyond what is typically offered at a higher rate.

I am very happy to recommend WALK THIS WAY.

Mari M.
Oak Park, IL


I cannot say enough good things about WALK THIS WAY and the services that Don and Tina provide. I have two children, a 2 year-old Great Dane named Rufus and a 6 year-old Labrador Retriever named Gibson. My husband and I are from South Carolina and moved here last year. Our boys are inside dogs but are used to having a yard to run around and play in - so the move to a small one bedroom apartment without a yard has been quite an adjustment. Don has played a very important role in Rufus and Gibson's adjustment to Chicago and the city life! Don's communication with us about any issues is always prompt and detailed, and he always offers his help and any suggestions that he may feel necessary. There have been several times when I have had to add an extra visit at the last minute or change plans and Don never has a problem meeting our needs. We have also had Don stay over at our house for a few days due to out-of-town functions we had to go to. Don treats Rufus and Gibson as if they were his own, and they have loved him right back since day one - this means a lot considering how our dogs (mis)behave on occasion! We have enjoyed our short time here in the windy city, one of the friendliest and most cordial places we have ever visited or lived; and Don and Tina are certainly no exception. We are so thankful that we have found someone that we can trust with our children.

Samantha and Baxter T.
Forest Park, IL

Don Weigand has provided our family with dog walking services for between 1 and 2 years in Oak Park. Don has been a valued asset to our family. He is always on time and is receptive to our family's requests for specific needs, including: ensuring food and medicine is taken exactly as prescribed (our dog's regimen changes frequently), playing with the dog inside when weather conditions aren't conducive to a safe walk, making adjustments to walk times, etc.

Don also has a great bond with our dog. On days where we work from home, Bessie races to meet Don at the door - tail a waggin. Don also always leaves us notes to let us know how the dog was feeling, what progress they made on their walk and anything else he thinks we should know.

It goes without saying that Don is respectful of our home and neighborhood and we feel perfectly secure with him having access to the house. To this end, he makes sure the dog's feet are wiped and her things put away before leaving, the doors are properly locked and always picks up after the dog on her walks.

Our dog is of the slow sniffer variety versus the running partner breeds. Don never rushes her and adapts to her needs. We have also observed that although Don's service quotes a specific length of time for his services, he takes the dog's pace and spends extra time with her. We always feel lucky to have our wonderful dog as a family member. We are equally of the belief that she is lucky to have Don.

We wholeheartedly endorse Don and his dog care capabilities.

Benjamin and Laurie Sadow
Oak Park, IL


We would like to highly recommend Don Weigand's dog walking services. Don has been walking our Golden Retriever puppy for the past 8 months and we couldn't be happier with his service. When Cooper sees Don he gets so excited he practically does cartwheels.

Don is flexible, reliable, easy going, and we feel perfectly secure having him in our home. We have found him to be extremely responsive to phone messages and e-mail, and he has a great sense of humor which comes out in his written reports that follow each visit.


Steve and Jana
Oak Park, IL


Don Weigand has been walking my 11-year old Bassett Hound, Baxter, for over a year. Baxter and I have been very happy with the level of service and care that Don provides. I have also utilized his vacation care services while I have been either gone overnight or for several nights and I always have great peace of mind knowing that Don will arrive punctually and he will put forth great effort to accommodate all of Baxter's needs. Don goes the extra mile in noticing that Baxter is somewhat of an elderly guy now and he treats him with great care and compassion at all times. I am thankful to have such a caring professional to call on when I am not able to be with the joy of my life, Baxter.


Stefanie Shaw
Oak Park, IL


Don Weigand started walking my two big chocolate Labrador Retrievers a year ago. Before him, we had a dog walking service that was walking our dogs 20 minutes a day. Because the dogs are so big, some of the walkers would walk each dog for 10 minutes. That is not enough time for big dogs! Don is able to walk both dogs at the same time and most days he saves some time for them to play fetch in the backyard. Our dogs are happily exhausted at the end of their time with Don, which is wonderful since one of the dogs will chew the windowsill in the dining room if he is bored!
We are very satisfied with the service that Don is providing.


Dorothy House
Oak Park, IL


Last summer my family and I traveled out west to visit my brother and his family. He doesn't care for dogs in his house, and I knew we'd be planning activities and outing with them that would require our dog to be alone, in his yard, for hours on end. Thought it was a difficult decision, we decided to find someone to watch Jack while we were out of town. Walk This Way not only cared for our dog, but also house-sat for us. It was wonderful to know that Jack was more than well-cared for, as was evident by the daily 'stories' they wrote to us to tell of his 'adventures', but that my house was being watched as well. They not only took him for several daily walks, but played with our very energetic pet many times a day in the yard - and believe me when I say, it's hard to keep up with him! I can honestly say that they treated Jack as though he was their very own dog. We came home to find a very happy pet, who I must say was sad to see hi new friends leave. I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone who wants to feel comfortable and secure in knowing that their pet (and house) is well cared for. Walk This Way exceeded our expectations in not only dog care, but in house-sitting as well (they even watered our garden for us) and provided top-notch, quality service at reasonable rates. I plan on using their services whenever we leave town knowing that bringing Jack along is not an option.

Diane L.
Wood Dale, IL